Prewire Specialists Inc MDU department repairs, replaces, or relocates cable and cable outlets associated with Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs). An MDU is a building with 4 or more apartment units. The MDU Department has rewired hundreds of buildings from 4-plexes to a 27 story High Rise. This would include: Hospitals, Long Term Care Centers, Hotels and Motels. We have also been involved with Pre and Post wiring of many Commercial buildings.

The MDU department gets work from individual subscribers, cable companies, and property managers. Over the past 5 years we have served over 30,000 subscribers that have had problems getting service to their individual units. The MDU Department consists of 5 specialized technicians, with a combined industry experience of 40 years.

Working closely with property managers to keep their buildings orderly and cooperating with cable companies to ensure subscriber satisfaction we specialize in adding , relocating, repairing and replacing difficult outlets inside of units, and are experts at restoring strong cable quality to all customers. The procedure for MDU turnovers starts with a simple phone call to the MDU Hotline. We make the appointment with the customer’s agreement. The appointment is met, the project is completed and the service is in order.