What to expect from Prewire Specialists, Inc.

Employee based technicians:

Prewire Specialists proudly offers employee based technicians allowing us to provide a uniform approach to superior service. Our company structure rests on a solid foundation with clear objectives and a proper chain of command; resulting in our ability to properly train, educate, inform, and provide a consistent message to our employees.

Employee Pre-screen:

All of our employees go through a pre-screen qualification including a certified back ground check, MVR driving record check, and a pre-employment drug screen. We understand the importance of offering proven individuals to our clients and the safety of the consumer.

Uniformed Technicians:

Our technicians are professionally outfitted with apparel approved by the operator we are representing. This consistent appearance reduces any confusion to the consumer and shows that our technicians are a clear reflection of the company we represent.

Uniform Vehicle Fleet:

Our standardized fleet of vehicles insures a professional image creating an exceptional customer first impression. We proudly display our company logo on each vehicle. In addition and when required, we display the company name for which we are contracted by utilizing an approved magnetic sign. All vehicles are equipped with industry specific accessories in order to carry all equipment necessary to safely complete the job. Our maintenance program allows for a safe driving vehicle along with a clean and neat appearance. We proudly provide excellent service presented in a professional package.

Certified Training Program:

Our technicians all hold a certification in installation of voice, video and data services. All techs are put through our ‘Prewire training program’ and certified after completion. In addition, we utilize multiple Jones/NCTI training programs including the IP Voice and Small and Medium Business Telecom programs. Our continued education programs include field training, classroom training and more, in order to keep our technicians current and to increase their educational development.

Quality Assurance:

We utilize our local Supervisors and Lead Technicians to implement our Quality Control Program. This involves performing quality checks on a percentage of each technicians completed work. Our beginner technicians are also required to perform self-quality checks until they consistently have passing scores. In addition, we employ a Corporate Quality Control Manager that focuses solely on Quality Control throughout our company footprint. Quality assurance is taken very seriously and our goal is to provide a superior installation that insures minimal repeat visits to the customer’s home.

Personal Development Training:

Our technicians are thoroughly and continuously trained to improve communications and the overall customer experience. We insure that all customers are well informed, professionally dealt with, and fully educated on their products and services. Customer retention is at the top of our list along with a positive overall customer experience.

Right tools for the job:

Our technicians would not be able to complete any assignment without the proper resources. Each Prewire truck is equipped with all industry specific tools, safety gear, and test equipment in order to safely and properly completes each assignment.


Safety is one item not to be overlooked in our industry. We are very passionate about safety and it is our goal to insure safety for all of our employees and those around us. This message is very clear from the top of our organizational chart all the way to the frontline Prewire technician. We conduct monthly safety meetings, monthly truck inspections, field safety observations, and more to insure our success with safety. Our safety program was developed in connection with an OSHA consultation requested by our company.