The Prewire Drop Bury Department has just completed its 9th season as a preferred Drop Bury Contractor. For those not familiar with the business, this means placing a cable, used for CATV service, underground to where the customer lives or works. This past year we have completed well over 6000 drop buries and over 23000 feet of boring, under roads and driveways, to residence and businesses without incident. Most of this work was completed it the cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and 26 surrounding suburbs.

This branch of Prewire operates with a manager that has been with the company for over 13 years. His assistant that does most of the field work has been in the cable business for 18 years, with the last 6 at Prewire. The bury crews make up the backbone of the department. With two bore crews (with 27 years of experience), and 9 diggers that have a combined 49 years in the field, they are well established crews. As a notable crew member mention, one of our long-time and most proficient diggers is a young 72 years of age this year… and still kick’in the cable!

The Drop Bury Department follows Prewire’s high standards in emphasizing efficiency, safety, and the “think-customer-first” policy. All crews are knowledgeable of Gopher State One Call and Pipeline Safety guidelines, which are taught as part of their training course in the spring. Experienced crews are also required to refresh their knowledge in safety before they begin each season. We take pride in being the first contractor to complete all “winter buries” well before the set deadline. In addition, we are usually asked to help other contractors achieve their deadlines as well as assist at the end of the season to complete as many buries as possible before the season ends.

As part of our “customer first” policy, we always attempt to make contact with subscribers prior to doing work. Throughout the season, bury crews are required to leave door tags at each address with the Prewire Drop Bury Department’s phone number. The goal is to react to customer’s concerns quickly to keep them as satisfied customers. As part of our policy, the Bury Department does their own quality control, inspecting 20% of the work completed. Safety spot checks are also part of a daily routine.

Unique among cable Contractors, Prewire Specialists stands out as a multi-faceted organization. With multiple departments we are able to complete the drop bury that follows an installation job by our install department with more efficiency. This always keeps the customer happy. This is especially important when the drop bury has to be completed before the install. Normally in this situation, days will pass before the install can be completed, however having these Departments under the same contractor quickly changes a pending customer into a paying customer.

Another example of our efficiency is the way we coordinate work with our Special Projects Dept. If a building that is to be completely rewired requires underground work, the Drop Bury Department stands ready to assist. Most of this work involves using machines to pull conduit to various locations on a building. There is no need to call anyone else to do the work. Prewire has the whole package.

As part of the Prewire machine, the Drop bury Dept. is proud to play its part. As the season closed last year, we learned that due to our diligence, we have been rewarded with new territory that stretches further south, toward the Iowa border. As with every year, this coming season will be full of challenges, but with the staff we have on hand there is no doubt we will rise to meet them.